Together, We Will Nourish The Needy


EVERYBODY WINS with our new “Nourish the Needy” program.

For EVERY order placed, we set aside 1 credit. Each credit = one hot meal served directly to a homeless brother or sister in the Greater Cincinnati area. We are proud to be working with Project Kindness and Soup Cycle to coordinate distribution times and sites.

It’s no secret that HealthSavor’s uncompromising standards in quality, purity, and nutrition mean that our meals cost more to produce. These ingredients really do make a difference. Unfortunately, this puts us out of reach for many of our neighbors who need us the most.

As a passionate force for change in the community, this fact breaks our hearts. We know the true impact we could have if we could somehow feed everyone. Alas, we’re just a humble, family owned-operated-funded small business, but we can dream, right?

One dream we’ve had since day 1 is to donate meals to the homeless. Not just pre-packaged meals, or left-overs, we’re talking about our kind of meals, made to Chef Braedon’s nutritional standards. It is likely that any homeless person at any given time is deficient in essential nutrients, and so each meal is a chance to replenish these nutrients and help prevent disease, among other benefits. People feel better all-around when they are properly nourished, and if this program takes off as we hope, we can help our fellow Greater Cincinnatians get back on their feet by allowing them to feel good, with more energy, clarity, and hope.

This program is the real deal, and what’s more, you get to enjoy the convenience and quality that is uniquely HealthSavor, too! So, please share in your circles and social networks, as the sky is the limit. This could be huge, but only with your help.

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Are vegetables or healthier foods not your style, but still want to help Nourish the Needy? You can always order for a friend or loved one who is also in need and double your karmic brownie points!  😉

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With much gratitude,

The HealthSavor Team – Chef Braedon, Kara, Don, Debbie, Kate, Papa T, and Graham.