Here’s what our customers are saying:



I’ve lost 5 pounds. The food is amazing. Man, I wish I could take you with me on my next shoot.

-One of the Lead Actors from Infinity War



These meals are blowing my mind!

-Lead Actor in movie filmed in Cincinnati in 2018 



I’ve worked with a handful of chefs for (name removed to protect identity) now, and you were by far the best, both in what you presented to us, and how you were able to adapt to special requests. I definitely think you can make a successful business, you’ve got the talent!

-Personal Assistant to A-list Actress




HealthSavor Era

I have used Health Savor on two different occasions for catered events. I was extremely happy with the high quality of the food as well as the nice presentation of the food. The food was loaded with flavor and well prepared. While we did use the vegan options surprisingly there was no noticeable difference in the taste and or texture. The staff at Health Savor has made great efforts to remove items like cheese and beef from some of the items we ordered without one really being able to discern the difference. Please keep up the exemplary work. I will definitely use you again.

– Chris G.
Cincinnati, OH

I just wanted to say thank you. In the 2 weeks that I have had your meals I have already lost 16 lbs. I have more energy and already just feel better. I’m not starving myself like I have in the past and because I’m not throwing preparing food for myself in the mix I’m able to divert that time into getting some much needed exercise. I appreciate the time, effort, energy, and attention you are giving all your customers! Thank you for helping me to be a healthier me, not just for me, but for my family as well!

– Shannon W.
Milford, OH

I am a big health nut, like to eat “clean” and love to cook but with two kids in sports and my marathon training, it’s so busy right now. I’ve been waiting for a service like this and plan to spread the word to my friends.

– Kim S.
Lebanon, OH

Excellent service! We get our meals delivered to our door every Tuesday. The food is delicious and super easy to prepare – so it’s great for a really busy family like ours. We know we are having at least 5 meals a week that are healthy for us and it’s really exciting to try lots of different foods. Highly recommended!

– Adam S.
Madeira, OH