OWN Mealtime, instead of mealtime owning you!




My Temptology meal plans . . .

Customize every serving size to YOUR caloric and nutritional needs

Track and tweak macronutrients

Are based off of the meals I’ve been creating for and highly rated by my VIP clients (movie stars, sports legends, and grammy winning musicians)

Generate automatic shopping lists

Are live-linked to Kroger online shopping cart

Pay it forward by having you prep extra ingredients that you already need to prep anyway, saving time on future meals

Virtually eliminate wasted groceries

Let you enjoy things you never imagined could be healthy or help you lose weight, like pizza, pasta or pancakes

Are designed with the same HealthSavor quality my customers are used to (every meal perfectly balanced, vitamin/mineral dense, with a good sodium/potassium ratio)

Features flexible prep that lets you do it all at once, or one meal at a time, while still streamlining all of the prep for the entire month.

Include detailed, step-by-step instructions with pictures to walk you through it all

Allow for modifications for food allergies and vegetarian/vegan diets no problem (other protocols are in the works)














Duh! Of course you do. Probably a few times. But you’re over letting restaurants cut corners on ingredients in your food to save money, and you’re ready to step up and do this yourself.

First you have to figure out what sounds good and then search for a healthy version of that recipe, add it to a grocery list, and prep all of the ingredients every single time you want to nourish yourself.


Why Should I Bother With Cooking?

Because your life depends on it!

Food manufacturers, restaurants, and frozen grocery meals all have one thing in common: They are FOR PROFIT, so they have to prioritize their bottom line over your health. As a team, you and I can put them to shame with a fridge full of calorie customized Meal Prep recipes that Taste Better and Feel Better.  LEARN MORE

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