Oh The Things We Do!

Some of you may remember me introducing new chefs here and there over the past 2 years. They have all moved on to other opportunities.


Because this job is a LOT to endure. New menus every week? (That’s Insane). EVERYTHING from scratch, never frozen, no huge processing machines…


We even go out of our way to get the Texas Gulf Shrimp instead of the pre-peeled kind, which would sure save a lot of time.


Because through my research, I have concluded that the oil spill drift has contaminated the shrimp from Panama Beach and all down the Florida coast, the Fukishima radiation is indeed contaminating the West Coast, and shrimp from overseas simply cannot be trusted due to lax/non-existant regulations and massive pollution. This leaves us with the Texas Gulf. So we spend 3 hours peeling shrimp every week and we also remove the waste canal in the back of shrimp that other food service providers do not care about.


Another thing is the gristly parts of chicken. Its a pet peeve of mine to enjoy a chicken dish and get a bite of one of those, so while we may not catch all of them, we spend a few hours each week trimming them out.


Before we know it, it’s 4am, we’ve all been working for 14 hours, and that’s usually when we call it a day. It’s a monumental task every week, and I give props to all of my aspiring chefs who gave it their best shot.


This job is hard, but it’s the very nature of what we do and why we are here… to do the tedious job of preparing from scratch, fresh, healthy meals to get you through the week. The core team at HealthSavor would rather work harder and sleep more soundly than if we took shortcuts everywhere possible, used cheap ingredients or preservatives just to make our job easier. We’re not just selling some food, we are making a direct impact on general wellness all across the tri-state.


Take advantage of our insanity and get in on next week’s delivery!

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Menu for 4-27-15 Delivery

Build-your-own Tacos 
The breading, made from ground cashews, almond flour smoked paprika, Old Bay seasoning, and nutritional yeast packs so much flavor that these tacos taste just as awesome whether you choose Fish or Tofu. 5-6 sticks are served on the side of shredded cabbage, red onion, carrot, jalapenos, cilantro, two gluten-free spinach tortillas, and a side of chia tartar sauce. Your co-workers will be very jealous. (Choose Wild Caught Cod, Chicken or Tofu)


Chicken, Shrimp, or Tofu with veggies over Forbidden Rice and Grated Cauliflower
I was in a bind and ran out of HealthSavor meals last week and picked up one of those frozen “healthy” meals from the organic section at my local grocer. It was… just ok, and it had 40% of my daily sodium. I thought “We can do better than this”, so thats what we will be doing for you this week. A mix of wild/black rice and grated cauliflower makes a bed for classic veggies like green beans, carrots, peppers, topped with your choice of protein. Comes with a side of garlic oil that will have enough sea salt to flavor the dish, without blowing the sodium through the roof. I mix some potassium powder in with my salt, too,  to give you a better sodium/potassium ratio (very important) while still hitting the tongue the same way as a bunch of salt would. Every little bit adds up!(Choose Amish Chicken, Texas Gulf Shrimp, or Tofu)


Caribbean Curried Amish Chicken, Shrimp, or Tofu with Butternut Squash
Sweet and savory island flavor with lots of potassium, protein, vitamin A. We marinate the protein in an awesome “Caribbean Green Sauce” made up of fresh oregano, thyme, celery, parsley, onions, ginger, garlic, and jalapeno, and it couldn’t be a better match for the natural sweetness of the squash. We include peas to round out the beautiful rich orange color. Served with lightly sauteed peppers and cauliflower.(Choose Chicken, Shrimp, or Tofu)


Broccoli and Mushroom Bake
Sort of like a baked spaghetti, we’ll mix broccoli, mushrooms, onions, herbs and a house-made garlic cream sauce with low glycemic soy noodles and top it cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of (optional) cheese. Cozy and delicious CAN be healthy and nourishing, too.  (Choose Veggie or Chicken)


All-the-Veggies! Casserole 
Well, ok, not every single veggie in the world is in here, but the ones that pack the biggest nutritional bang for buck complement each other in taste and texture, married happily by savory seasonings, smoked paprika, and nutritional yeast.Braised tofu and kidney beans round out the protein profile, with Cabot’s award winning and naturally lactose-free cheese (optional) offering the perfect finishing touch.


Chicken or Quinoa Tortilla Soup

This is one of our favorite soups, with a unique smoky chipotle flavor and the one-of-a-kind combo of cilantro and oregano cooked into the mix early on in the process. We’re adding some kale this time to round out the nutrient profile. (Choose Chicken or Quinoa)

Juice of the Week:

Always 100% fresh and Organic


Kale Lemonade (Fresh Juice) Kale, lemons, apples, cucumber, and ginger work together quite well to make a supremely rejuvenating pick-me-up beverage. We serve them in quarts, which means you will be receiving 4 whole bunches of kale, 4 lemons, 4 apples, 2 cucumbers, as well as the digestion stimulating ginger, in an almost too-easy-to-chug juice (Easy now… it’s a full 4 servings). Vitamins and minerals galore!!

$10/Pint or $18/Quart


Breakfast Pack – Choose 3


Brussel’s Sprout-Portobello Mushroom Breakfast Bake  Starting your day with the vitamins, minerals, and fiber from veggies and the protein, vitamin D, and E from eggs is what we evolved with, and that’s why it makes you feel so good. Fuel your morning without fear of lunch-time fatigue! Cabot’s cheese optional, let us know in the notes.


Spinach-Savory Squash-Sun Dried Tomato Breakfast Bake  The massive vitamin A and potassium boost in butternut squash and it’s ability to be used in a sweet OR savory context makes it a great candidate for this new breakfast bake! Sheep’s milk feta cheese compliments the flavors beautifully. (Let us know in the notes if you don’t want cheese!)


Apple Flaxjacks  Pancakes made purely out of apples, flax seeds, spices, and eggs. We’ll make sure you get your fill with 4 of them. Goes great with some organic butter or apple butter (not included).

Banana-Flax-Almond Oatmeal Organic bananas, vanilla bean, cinnamon, almond milk, almond slivers, flax seed and stevia with a touch of raw honey (Hamilton, Ohio), ready to heat and eat.

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