Menu Notes 12/10/13

Chef Brandon menu notes. Contact Health Savor for delicious organic food in Cincinnati.
Hello, everyone, and thanks for ordering this week. As a reminder, if you ordered gift certificates, they are in the mail. It’s the best way for us to keep track of who got them and when.

I have a lot of food notes this week, so I’ll get right to it:

The Caribbean Chicken or Tofu is an adaptation of an earlier dish we’ve made that uses shrimp. The chicken and tofu are marinated in a Caribbean Green Sauce. It’s a glorious blend of fresh parsley, cilantro, thyme, basil, green onions, oregano, cubanelle peppers, garlic, lemon juice, and celery all put into the food processor. It’s as exciting to taste as it was to look at.

I didn’t want to fill a whole tin with just squash and protein, so I improvised with some organics I found at the local supermarket. The rutabega/pepper/pea/onion pilaf, if you will, is seasoned in lime juice and chili powder, and compliments the flavor of the curried squash and herb-y protein nicely. It adds some color as well, and as we know, every color carried with it it’s own unique nutritional profile.

I was caught in a bind between the fact that the chicken needed to be cubed to absorb the marinade and cooked to seal in the flavor, but not too cooked considering that you still have to bake it yet again. Sometimes figuring out a way to make all of this wonderful food taste just as fresh and tender as it does in our kitchen after you reheat it is the trickiest part.

The Cleverly Named Salad uses one of my favorite dressings, the balsamic vinaigrette, with many of my favorite toppings also. The Goat cheese that we used is made with raw goat’s milk, and is unlike any other goat cheese I have tasted. You may be used to goat cheese being very soft and mushy, but this was a very firm, aged kind and cost around $17 for a fist sized block. We know that we can’t get away with serving raw milk cheeses forever, so we’ll enjoy this luxury while we can.

The Quinoa Crusted Salmon is HUGE! After we cooked them all, we were about 7 short, and we realized that our very busy friends at the fish market had not actually weighed the fillets.  As if 8oz wasn’t enough, it is likely that many of you received 9-10 ounce fillets. At $16 per pound, this is something to savor, indeed. We went and bought another 4 pounds. If you ordered multiple Salmon dinners, there was an up-charge of $5, this is why.  If you ordered extra salmon and did NOT receive the upcharge, then you got hooked up! You’ll love the garlic/lemon oil that the broccoli and cauliflower was tossed in as well. This meal is easily big enough for 2!
These bi and beautiful fishes give you 75% vitamin D, unbeatable omega 3, and a whopping 156% selenium (a vital trace mineral to immune function and the antioxidant network).

P.S. As always, I only sear the outside of the salmon to establish the crust, but the inside is still raw. Please observe the heating instructions.

The Broccoli/Cheddar Soup was made without the cashews/brown rice flour this time. I did this in order to avoid any potential allergies as well as carbs.  I went a little heavy on the black pepper, however. I hope that it isn’t too much for you. If it is just too darned spicy, let me know with your next order and soup’s on me, okay?

The Chard Wraps are a great fat-free meal. There are 4 of them in there to make sure you get enough. I decided to make a peanut dipping sauce at the last minute, which is not fat free. The wraps were already made and sealed before the sauce was made, so if you have an allergy to peanuts, simply discard the sauce and enjoy the wraps.

I am now OFF SCHOOL until next year!!!! My first break longer than 4 days in a whole year from studying. What this means for HealthSavor is that I will finally be able to  get a few nutrition geek videos done to upload to our website and share with you.  This way when I say something like “Selenium is part of the Antioxidant Network” I can link it to a video where I explain in detail what the heck that means. Knowledge is power, and I have so much to share with you. Stay tuned for that, as well as next week’s menu comin at ya tomorrow!

Thanks again for your support and kind words. I am so happy that I can help so many of you achieve your goals of a healthy lifestyle. It warms my heart. Sincerely,

Chef Brandon