Online Nutrition/Cooking Classes

Become a radically self-reliant Temptologist by taking the comprehensive online nutrition and cooking course I’m calling

Temptology 101: Practical Applications of Functional Nutrition and Meal Prep



Students will walk away knowing how to:

  • Calculate their own ever-changing caloric needs
  • Balance the 7 Tastes in cooking
  • Make Classic American, Mexican, Italian, Indian, and East Asian dishes
  • Enjoy Pizza, pancakes, enchiladas, even pasta alfredo while losing weight and getting perfect nourishment
  • Make their own seasoning blends that pack in a lot of flavor with a little salt
  • Identify the nutrients in produce by it’s color and eat the rainbow
  • Seek out vegetables with TOP phytonutrients most beneficial to age related disease/disability prevention
  • prepare Mother sauces with unconventional ingredients like aw cashews or cauliflower.


…and so much more