Bridging the gap between knowing you SHOULD eat healthy and actually pulling it off.   Since 2010

Are you an assistant searching for the right chef for your travelling client?
When actors, musicians, athletes, and travelling professionals need the most nutrient dense, organic, sustainably sourced and meticulously taste-tasted meals, they come to me.
No one else offers this level of nourishment, transparency in sourcing, discretion (I don’t run and tell the world who I’m cooking for) and flexibility with their clients.
It’s why I’ve been serving A-list talent since 2013 with glowing reviews.

The meals are meticulously designed using a 280 point nutritional analysis and my “multi-vitamin meal” strategy.

Not only are my meals free of the bad stuff, they are more nutrient dense than any others I’ve seen.

I am well versed in specialty diets and food allergies.

No client’s diet is too tricky for me to tackle.

Each circumstance calls for unique arrangements, but I typically delivery directly to talent or their assistants 2 to 3 times a week.

Meals are fully prepared, ready to simply heat and eat, fully labelled, and never served in plastic. 

Contact me directly and let me know what special circumstances I can help with, and I’ll get you a quote within 24 hours.