I’ve Got Your Back

With physiology and nutrition in mind, I create recipes that are as diverse and tasty as they are nutrient-dense. I’ll take foods that everyone loves but are typically banned by health advocates and make tweaks and modifications in ingredients to make them healthier than salads. Sound unbelievable? Try me.

Sure, I play “chef-to-the-stars” when movies are filming in Cincinnati, but my true passion is teaching YOU how to craft recipes and cook like ME! Music is a big part of my life’s passion, too, but that has nothing to do with this.

My Mission: to help people avoid needless and costly suffering, perform better, lose weight, control blood sugar, live longer, look good, and feel good, is best served when I teach you how to become self reliant in the kitchen. 

Are you ready to step up and take control of your health destiny? Knowing what to eat and how to prepare it are major predictors of health outcomes. People who learn cooking and nutrition fundamentals live longer and retain functionality better than those who rely on restaurants and manufacturers trying to make a profit on one of our most basic needs.

Profit is great and is the only way restaurants can exist in our current paradigm. I know first-hand that in food service, cutting corners somewhere in the process is a necessity to compete.  You’ll never hear a CEO or shareholder say “How can we spend more on our products to give our customers more nourishment?”

It’s in your hands. You already have the ability (if you have hands), now let me teach you the necessary details.

Let me write you a custom Temptology Meal Prep plan for the week. See for yourself…


VIP clients:

I’ll shop, chop, prep, cook and package ready to heat and eat meals for you to keep on hand to make your uncompromising healthy diet more attainable. Full disclosure food labels and heating instructions are included with your order. No plastic or teflon is used while preparing, cooking, or packaging your meals, ever.

You’re busy enough while traveling and/or working on big projects, let me have your back!. Enjoy your no-hassle meals all week!



COMING SUMMER 2020.  My inaugural online Masterclass, Temptology 101: Practical Applications of Functional Nutrition in Meal Prep course. Enrolling soon!