Heating Instructions for 9/29/15

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Heating Instructions for 9-29-2015 Delivery


Cincinnati Chili – Pour the chili into a sauce pan and cook over medium heat until hot throughout. You can pour the hot chili over cold noodles and it will heat them. Alternately, you can microwave them on reheat setting. (Freezer friendly -The chili freezes perfectly, but the noodles may get seem softer/more cooked after freezing.)


Herb and Quinoa Crusted Salmon – Recommended: Place salmon filet in a skillet over medium high heat and cook at least 3 minutes per side, flipping every minute or so. Side item can be added in towards the end. A dab of water in the veggies helps steam them as well. Hassle-free: Remove lid and bake for 20-25 minutes at 350. (Freezer friendly – Thaw completely and follow previous instructions.)


Chicken or Tofu Tandoori Masala (coconut milk base) – Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. If you prefer it more steamed than baked, cover with foil before baking. (Freezer friendly – Thaw completely and follow previous instructions.)


Nachos Grande – You know that if we put the toppings on at H.Q., you wouldn’t be getting good nachos, so we packaged everything up separately. There is a bag of chips, salsa, cheese, and this time all the rest of it is in one easy pour — chili seasoned chicken, bison, or tofu. Warm the chili cup in a sauce pan or in microwave on reheat setting. Pour on top of nachos and bake at 275 until cheese is melted, approx. 5 minutes.


Thai Crunch Salad – Enjoy within the first day or two. Proteins can be heated or enjoyed as is.


Breakfast Bake – Remove lid and bake at 350 for 8-12 minutes.


Blueberry-Vanilla Oatmeal – You can either heat in a sauce pan or remove lid and microwave on reheat for 2-3 min (ovens vary).



We recommend eating the seafood and fresh, raw (salads, wraps, etc.) within the first few days.


Never cook entrees with plastic lid on in the oven. If instructions call for an item to be covered, but you have a plastic lid, remove the lid and cover with foil.


Make it a great week!

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Enjoy and thank you for your order! We are very grateful for all of your support. Have a wonderful and healthful week!

Chef Brandon, Kara, Kate, Debbie, Don, Lynn, Matt, and Papa T.

The HealthSavor Team

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