Heating Instructions for 9/30/14

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Heating Instructions for 9/30/14

Miso Glazed Sea Bass with Hibachi-style Veggies- Oh boy, you’re in for treat here. Remove lid and bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes. Thickness of filets varies. If you got a thick one (you’ll know), go for 20 minutes.

Thai Green Curry – Bake with lid on (bonus version remove lid and cover with foil) at 375 for 15-20 minutes. Note: This recipe contains lots of fresh ginger and may contain ginger fibers.

Portobello Chicken with Herb Roasted Veggie Medley  – Another one of our favs from this menu. Remove lid and cover with foil. Bake at 375 for 15 minutes. Remove foil and finish off for an additional 5-10 minutes.

Acorn Squash Bowl – Remove lid and cover with foil. Bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes.

Chicken or Veggie Gumbo – White Bean/Kale Soup – Heat in a saucepan on high for 4-6 minutes, stirring frequently, or microwave on reheat setting for 4-6 minutes. Times will vary. Freezer friendly: Thaw completely and follow previous instructions.

Apple Flaxjacks – Reheat in a skillet over medium heat for about 3 minutes per side or bake at 250 for 10 minutes.

Brussel’s Sprout-Portobello Mushroom Omelet –  Stir contents before pouring into a skillet with a dab of oil or butter. Cook to your desired consistency.

Vanilla-Fig-Chia Muffins – Warm briefly in the oven at 300 for 5-7 minutes or enjoy as is.

Mini Pizzas and Carrot Sticks with Peanut Butter – Remove lid and carrots/pb, and bake the pizzas to melt the cheese ,or enjoy as is.
Apple-Cinnamon Nut Bars – These are intended to be enjoyed cold, but can be warmed. Remove from tin while they are cold, as they are very moist.

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