Heating Instructions for 11/10/14

HealthSavor provides meals that are healthy, delicious, gluten-free, and comprised of organic food, and delivers them right to your door! We are Cincinnati’s premier health food delivery service!

Heating Instructions for 11-10 Delivery

Scottish Salmon OR Veggie Burgers with Root Fries -Preheat oven to 450-500.  Remove lid. Set burger aside and bake the Root Fries for 15-20 minutes. During the last 4 minutes, place burger patty in oven to heat throughout. Burger patties are freezer friendly.

Pecan Chicken with Grilled Asparagus-Veggie Medley –  Preheat oven to 375. Remove lid and bake for 15-20 minutes.

Creamy Veggie Lasagna – We par-baked this dish longer this time to save some minutes on your end. Remove lid and heat for 15 minutes at 375.

Broccoli-Cauliflower-Chickpea-Chicken or Tofu Curry – Heat in the oven at 400 for 12-15 minutes, or heat in a saucepan until piping hot.

Broccoli and Mushroom Bake (Now with Amish Chicken option): Bake with lid on at 400 for 15-18 minutes.

Butternut Squash/Coconut/LimeSoup – Simply heat in a saucepan or microwave until hot.

Broccoli-Caramelized Onion Omelet – Stir contents before pouring into a skillet and cooking to your desired texture.

Florentine Breakfast Bake – No work necessary except to reheat in oven at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

Breakfast Burritos – Heat in oven at 400 for 15-20 minutes, or in the microwave on REHEAT setting for 2-4 minutes. Freezer Friendly.

Kids Pecan Chicken – Remove all but the chicken, and bake at 375 for 6-8 minutes.

Kids Sketti with Turkey-Spinach Meatballs – Heat with lid on for 8-10 minutes at 375.