HealthSavor Menu for 9/23/14

Always check the HealthSavor website ( to get freshest scoop on what’s happening with organic food and meal delivery in Cincinnati – and to order our meals online! Here is this week’s menu:

Savory Grilled Salmon with Lemon Butter and Broccoli – Our “like butta” sustainably caught Salmon filets are making taste buds happier and brains healthier all over the tri-state. This week, we’re getting them from Scotland to give those Chilean fishes a break to re-populate. A simple seasoning will be seared in, with a tasty side of Lemon Butter that goes great on the fish and the side of broccoli.

NEW!! Turkey or Tofu Pot Pie – Like a pot roast in a pie, we use our delicate quiche crust to top a tin full of slow roasted, herby veggies and your choice of house roasted turkey (Busch’s Country Corner, Findlay Mkt.) or savory roasted Tofu in a thick and hearty broth made possible by Psyllium Husk, a high fiber, sugar free thickener that replaces starch in many healthy recipes. (Choose Amish Turkey or Tofu).

NEW!! Baked Savory Stuffed Apples – Sound different? We thought so, too. You can order a vegan version that  includes onions, carrots, cranberries, garlic, cinnamon, walnuts, sage, and topped with Daiya cheese, or you can get The Works ,with house made turkey sausage and Cabot’s cheese on top. Either way, this dish will open your mind to new ideas for fall cuisine. (Choose Vegan or The Works)

NEW!!  Belgian Kip/Tofu and Sprouts with Sherry Asiago Cream Sauce
–  Your choice of Marinated and Braised tofu or “Kip”, which is just Belgian shorthand for Chicken. It comes with a creamy side of Brussel’s Sprouts and onions with an asiago cream sauce. For the tofu version, the “asiago” sauce will be dairy free.
(Choose Tofu or Chicken)

White Bean/Kale Soup – A rich, clear broth with sage, thyme, other herbs, tomatoes, onions, carrots, and kale, along with some white beans, make the perfect vitamin A packed lunch, snack, or dinner. HealthSavor soups leave you satisfied and full of nutrients.

Pomegranate Salad – Fresh pomegranate seeds, mission figs, cinnamon toasted walnuts, red onions and goat cheese top a bed of fresh spinach and radicchio, with a side of pomegranate vinaigrette. (Choose Cheese or No Cheese)


Parfait – Apples, grapes, and peaches and a dash of stevia mixed in with organic Greek Yogurt, with a side cup of granola. (Dairy-free yogurt optional, please let us know in the notes)  $8/pint – $15/qt.

NEW!! Head In The Clouds (Fresh Juice) – Parsnips, apples, pears, lime, and mint make a SUPER refreshing and tasty juice with a silver lining. We did it for a private party recently and it was a massive hit. Highly recommended. $15/qt

Apple Cobbler – Fresh granny smith and fuji apples tossed with spices and some stevia and baked. We top it with a crunchy mix of pecans, shredded coconut (with a barely noticeable texture) and more spices like cinnamon, allspice, etc. Could be a dessert, could be a breakfast, could be a snack with a hot beverage. However you enjoy it, rest easy knowing that it has no added sugar, grains, or dairy. $12


Kid’s Chicken Salad with Spinach-Kale Chips – Amish chicken (Gerber Farms, Kidron, Ohio), mixed with our chia mayo, apples, walnuts, red onion, and seasonings, and served on the side of gluten-free bread, lettuce, tomato, and spinach/kale chips. The spinach-kale chips alone supply 30%DV vitamin A and over 100% DV vitamin K. $9

Kid’s Pizza – Our classic kid’s pizza, on Udi’s Gluten-Free crust, with a simple pizza sauce and mozzerella cheese. $9

Breakfast Package

Pumpkin Muffins – Our original carb-free muffin recipe that formed the base for all the rest. Real pumpkin, almond flour, an egg, chia seeds, and spices are lightly sweetened with stevia

Multi-Veggie Omelet – Multi-veggie equals multi-vitamin. The more colors you eat everyday, the more vitamins and minerals you get. That’s one of our secrets to making our meals so healthy, and the main reason why we tend to be attracted to colorful dishes.

Brussel’s Sprouts-Roasted Tomato-Butternut Squash Quiche – A slice of our popular quiche, with award winning and naturally lactose-free Cabot’s cheese.


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