HealthSavor Menu for 8/5/14

Always check the HealthSavor website ( to get freshest scoop on what’s happening with organic food and meal delivery in Cincinnati – and to order our meals online! Here is this week’s menu:


Mojito Marinated Amish Chicken over Roasted Veggie Medley – Amish chicken (Gerber Farms, Kidron, Ohio) marinated and topped with a Cuban themed Mojo sauce (garlic/cumin/lime) and served with a large side of roasted veggies to ensure you get your fill.

Tuna, Arugula, Carmelized Onion lettuce tacos – Wild Planet sustainably caught, low mercury albacore tuna OR specially braised tofu, hemp seeds, walnuts, mixed with herbs, chia mayo, and small dice veggies served on the side of arugula, caramelized onions, balsamic reduction, and crunchy lettuce for an anytime-anywhere meal with an unrivaled omega-3 blast. Enjoy it for lunch and the second half of your day may be the most focused and productive. (Choose Vegan or Tuna)

Nav-Ratan Veggie Korma – Nav-Ratan means “9 gems” for the wonderful array of colors of vegetables simmered in Indian spices, crushed tomatoes, and coconut cream. We don’t do grains much anymore, because you get enough carbs from all of the vegetables, so we will skip the rice and give you a bigger portion of Korma.

Paleo Pizza – Carb-free crust made out of almonds, herbs, and farm-fresh eggs or flax-based eggs, baked to a crisp, then topped with sautéed kale, (for vitamins A and K), roasted red peppers (for vitamin C) and sauteed portobello mushrooms (for vitamin D), and served with 2 sides – 1 of our signature red sauce and 1 of classic pesto – both made with nutritional yeast (which covers your B-vitamins). Are we forgetting any nutrients? Oh, yes… the crust is a great source of vitamin E and is also enriched with chia seed for omega 3’s. Another multi-vitamin dinner a-la HealthSavor. (Choose Regular or Vegan [includes Daiya shredded mozz.])

Tom Kha Gai (Thai Lemongrass Soup) – Braised tofu, tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, and onions in a refreshing coconut milk/lemongrass/limey broth. Great for lung detoxification, immune system health, and digestion stimulation as well. Goes down easy, fills you up, and rejuvenates you simultaneously. (Choose Amish Chicken or Tofu)

Chef’s Salad w Cranberry Vinaigrette – It’s like a classic chef’s salad, without the ham or nitrites or preservatives. Mixed greens topped with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and optional Cabot’s cheese, Tuna, and Chicken, all with our mega tasty and uber healthy cranberry vinaigrette.  It’s all or nothing this time. (Choose Vegan or Meat and Cheese)


Paleo Pancakes – Avocado, farm fresh-eggs (Milford, Ohio), coconut flour, cinnamon, stevia, and a dash of salt make a great carb-free pancake. Starting your day off with a protein rich meal can get you metabolism started and prevent mid-day crash. Now you can have your protein and eat your pancakes, too!

Chard-Caramelized Onion Sausage Cups – The much requested return of the sausage cup!! Locally and custom made Amish turkey sausage, thanks to Busch’s Country Corner at Findlay Mkt. forms the perfect edible cup for farm-fresh eggs (Milford, Ohio), sauteed chard and onion, with nutritional yeast added for yummy flavor and B-vitamins

Brussels-Shroom-Pepper Omelet Brussel’s and peppers bring some serious vitamin C and some A as well, and our specially grown vitamin D enriched portobello mushrooms and nutritional yeast cover the B and D. If you haven’t noticed yet, we are huge promotors of multi-vitamin meals.


Carrot Deep Cleanser (Fresh Juice) This is a serious hit of what are known as “mixed carotenoids”. Alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, lutein, retinol. These are all forms of vitamin A and they all serve different functions, but most importantly they maintain our vision and ocular health and integrity. Researchers have found that beta-cryptoxanthin alone contains enough anti-inflammatory power to help control arthritis in just one glass. Get ya some!

Saag Burritos – If you tried our vegan saag last week, then you’re probably already on board with these. If not, think of Indian restaurant saag, with less sodium and coconut milk instead of heavy cream. For the burritos, we add some roasted peppers, butternut squash, and optional cheese (let us know in the notes). You get two big ones.  $7

Kid Chicken Nuggets with “Cheesy” Broccoli Casserole – Ground Amish chicken breaded in quinoa and coconut flour, and seared to a crisp, served with a side of bakeable broccoli casserole made dairy free with coconut milk, nutritional yeast, shallots, herbs, and seasonings. $8

Tuna Salad Sandwich with Spinach Kale Chips – Wild Planet™ low-mercury, sustainably caught Albacore tuna with minced veggies and our chia mayo, served on the side of gluten-free bread, romaine lettuce, and a portion of Spinach/Kale Chips, from The Better Chip™. The chips alone supply 35% vitamin A and 80% vitamin K, not to mention the protein, minerals, and Omega-3’s from the tuna salad. $9™

Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothiesicles – Simple and effective. Banana and coconut milk blended with strawberries and stevia form a delicious base for small pieces of fruit that look as beautiful as the are delicious. $3


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