HealthSavor Menu for 11/3/14

Menu for 11-3-14
MONDAY Delivery
Between 9am and 6pm

Always check the HealthSavor website ( to get freshest scoop on what’s happening with organic food and meal delivery in Cincinnati – and to order our meals online! Here is this week’s menu:

Miso Glazed Salmon with Hibachi-style Veggies – We used to offer our unbeatable salmon dishes once every two weeks, but we’ve received a great many requests from customers who want a weekly salmon fix, and we agree! There’s no better source for Omega 3’s out there, and this week’s recipe just may end up in your favorites list. Scottish salmon filets (Wester Ross, Scotland) are glazed with miso, sake, and Aji-Mirin, and served with blanched green beans, carrot slivers, and red peppers with a ginger/tamari infused flavor.

Savory Italian Acorn Squash Bowl – A new take on this vitamin A through K dish brought to you by HS. We carve out a baked acorn squash, and fill it with sauteed kale, mushrooms, onions, roasted peppers, and herbs, then drizzle on a creamy garlic and lemon sauce. Garnished with pecans and optional Cabot’s naturally lactose-free cheese. This time we are offering an Amish chicken option. Scraping the bowl is encouraged. (Choose Vegan or Amish Chicken, and Cheese or No Cheese).

Portobello Chicken with Herb Roasted Veggie Medley – Chicken breast (Gerber Farms, Kidron, Ohio) or NaSoya tofu marinated overnight and seared, placed on top of a roasted portobello mushroom cap filled with our spinach/artichoke dip and topped with Cabot’s cheese (optional). Served with a side of herb-roasted veggies. (Choose Chicken or Tofu, and Cheese or No cheese)

Thai Green Curry – We took our recipe and made this great dish even better. Much different from the Indian curry, this is the Thai version, which has a strong lemongrass, ginger, and herb flavor and makes a very tasty broth with coconut milk and a ton of veggies, served over cauliflower rice. (Choose Amish Chicken or Tofu). Allergy: This dish contains peanut and sesame oil.

Moroccan Split Pea Soup (20 oz) – Split peas, carrots, celery, onions, and garlic, sauteed with toasted cumin, paprika, and a little chili powder makes a great high protein soup that is warming without being too spicy, and an excellent source of vitamin A as well. Garnished with roasted red pepper puree, which contributes a hint of sweet and 50% DV vitamin C.

Turkey or Tofu Burgers with Fresh Cranberry/Port Wine Relish and Goat Cheese – Organic, non-gmo tofu or Amish turkey (Busch’s Country Corner, Findlay Mkt.) ground and mixed with seasonal herbs and spices, and lightly grilled to set. Served with a side of sweet-savory, and fresh cranberry-port wine relish, creamy dijon, veggies, goat cheese (optional), gluten-free bread, and pumpkin chips in a build-your-own fashion. Makes a great lunch option for the office or school. Simply warm up the juicy patty and make your sandwich to your tastes. (Choose Tofu or Amish Turkey, and Cheese or No Cheese)


Apple Flaxjacks – Pancakes made purely out of apples, flax seeds, spices, and eggs. We’ll make sure you get your fill with 4 of them. Goes great with some organic butter or apple butter (not included).

Brussel’s Sprout-Portobello Mushroom Omelet – Starting your day with the vitamins, minerals, and fiber from veggies and the protein, vitamin D, and E from eggs is what we evolved with, and that’s why it makes you feel so good. Fuel your morning without fear of lunch-time fatigue! Cabot’s cheese optional, let us know in the notes.

Vanilla-Fig-Chia Muffins – Figs are loaded with minerals, fiber, and flavor, so we bake them into an almond/coconut flour based muffin (includes eggs) along with spices, vanilla bean, and chia seeds. We think you’ll dig em.


Kids Sketti w/Turkey Meatballs – HealthSavor signature marinara (nutritionally amped with kale, chia, and nutritional yeast), quinoa pasta, and our Amish turkey meatballs, sprinkled with Cabot’s cheese brings a classic dish that everyone loves into SuperFood Status! $8
Kid’s Pecan Crusted Chicken Tenders – Our pecan chicken is so flavorful, it can be enjoyed hot, or straight out of the lunch box! We’re going to make a local, unprocessed honey (Hamilton, Ohio) mustard for dipping, some applesauce, and add a side of spinach/kale chips to sneak in 30% vitamin A and 70% vitamin K, while keeping it portable. $10


Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice – We had every intention of doing this juice last week in time for Halloween, but time escaped us. We think it’s clever, so we are still gonna do it anyway. Beets, apples, carrots, a dash of ginger, and cucumber combine to make one tasty antioxidant blast. $15

Spinach-Artichoke Dip – We’ve figured out a way to get that irresistible creaminess without dairy. We think you’ll be happy with it, and for those who don’t mind some cheese, we’ll top yours with naturally lactose free Cabots and take it up another notch. Served with Spinach-Kale Chips, which provide an addition 30% vitamin A and 70% vitamin K per serving. Great appetizer or snack. You get a whole pint. $9
Refined sugar, dairy, and grain free, dark chocolate brownies – Perfect brownie texture made with almond flour, dates, dark chocolate, and coconut oil. No sugar added. Vegan friendly. (8 x 6 pan cut into 12 brownies)


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