HealthSavor Menu for 8/19/14

Always check the HealthSavor website ( to get freshest scoop on what’s happening with organic food and meal delivery in Cincinnati – and to order our meals online! Here is this week’s menu:


Creole Dry Rubbed Salmon with Broccoli and Cauliflower – it’s like blackened seasoning but kept mild so everyone can enjoy! We sear in all of the flavors and you cook the salmon to your desired temp.  Comes with a side of broccoli and cauliflower tossed in fresh lemon, garlic, and olive oil

Nav-Ratan Veggie Korma – Nav-Ratan means “9 gems” for the wonderful array of colors of vegetables simmered in Indian spices,  crushed tomatoes,  and coconut cream. We don’t do grains much anymore,  because you get enough carbs from all of the vegetables, so we’re including a side of seasoned zucchini “rice”.

Caribbean Chicken or Tofu with curried Butternut Squash – A wicked recipe with enough anti inflammatory vitamin A to last you a few days.  The Curried sweetness of the squash is a heavenly match for the savory Caribbean Green Marinade.  Some peas round out the color nicely.  I am adding some bell peppers this go around for vitamin C and even more color.  (choose Chicken or Tofu)

Veggie Stew with Turkey Sausage (optional) – our classic veggie stew recipe, which boasts more veggies per capita than any other item,  this time with a savory twist of sage and other herbs.(Choose the Amish turkey sausage option for added clean and lean protein)

Swiss and Rainbow Chard Wrap-em Ups with Chicken Salad or Cashew-Cucumber Salad – Amish Chicken salad, with diced green apples,  chia mayo,  minced celery and onion,  and walnuts with seasonings OR creamy cashew based cucumber salad ready for you to build your own cool summer-themed tacos. (Choose Chicken or Cucumber Salad)

Mexican Chopped Salad – This salad was popular when we first tried it in the Spring.  It uses a honey – lime dressing over romaine, spinach, jicama, radish, red peppers, red onions, tomato and avocados, with Feta optional. (Choose Cheese or No Cheese)<

Breakfast Pack

Chard-Caramelized Onion Sausage Cups – The much requested return of the sausage cup!! Locally and custom made Amish turkey sausage, thanks to Busch’s Country Corner at Findlay Mkt. forms the perfect edible cup for farm-fresh eggs (Milford, Ohio), sauteed chard and onion, with nutritional yeast added for yummy flavor and B-vitamins

Strawberry Nut Bars – We loaded up on the last of the organic strawberries of 2013 and froze them. Now, it is time to make some stevia based preserves and bake them into a carb-free nut-bar. As convenient as healthy gets.

Veggie Omelet, Made Easy – We’ll assemble it, you bring it to life. This week’s menu features sauteed kale and roasted red peppers with Cabot’s world champion cheese.

Juice of the Week

Dont Be A Baby – Cucumbers, Meyer lemons, pears, a dash of ginger, and a whole medium Red Cabbage juiced into a supremely anti-cancer, gut friendly concoction that sounds funky but is actually delicious. Afraid of cabbage? Come on… we’re in this to win this.


Baba Ganoush – It’s like hummus without the carbs. Roasted eggplant, lemon juice, a bit of olive oil, parsley, tahini, fresh garlic and seasonings pureed to a smooth, creamy consistency and served platter style, with veggie dippers and chickpea flat-bread.

Kid’s Meals

Kid Fish Filet with Chia Coleslaw – Similar to our fish tacos, but not as complicated. Simply a wild caught fish fillet in our awesome fish breading, and a side of coleslaw.

Kid Chicken Nuggets with “Cheesy” Broccoli Casserole – Ground Amish chicken breaded in quinoa and coconut flour, and seared to a crisp, served with a side of bakeable broccoli casserole made dairy free with coconut milk, nutritional yeast, shallots, herbs, and seasonings.


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