HealthSavor Menu for 10/20/14 – *Our First MONDAY Delivery!!

Menu for 10-20
Between 9am and 6pm

Always check the HealthSavor website ( to get freshest scoop on what’s happening with organic food and meal delivery in Cincinnati – and to order our meals online! Here is this week’s menu:

This menu must be ordered by this coming Monday, 10/13, at midnight. This means that just two days after this weeks deadline, is the new deadline. Deadline will be every Monday going forward.

Thanks for sticking with us through this transition!

Blackened Scottish Salmon with Sauteed Brussels Sprout-Veggie Medley –  Sustainably caught and exquisite quality salmon filet (7oz for regular-11oz for Bonus) blackened without the addition of cayenne (everyone has different tolerance levels) and seared to make a nice crust and lock in the flavor, served with a side of sauteed Brussel’s sprouts, green beans, and red peppers.

Seared Pork Tenderloin OR Tofu Medallions with Roasted Pumpkin Hash and Sweet and Tangy Apple Chutney – Hand rubbed and flash seared pork tenderloin (Findlay Mkt.), roasted to perfection and sliced thick, then served on a bed of delicately spiced pumpkin/sweet potato hash and topped with homemade sweet and tangy apple chutney. Comes with a side of roasted cauliflower and red peppers for a well rounded vitamin/mineral profile. (Choose Pork or Tofu)

5 servings of Veggies-One Stew – Every color is represented here. One of the easiest ways to avoid deficiency is to strive to “eat the rainbow” of colors in fresh produce every day. Each color has it’s own set of phytochemicals, like the pigment that gives it color, the substance in onions that sting the eyes, etc.. Research has uncovered that every one of these have an effect on us, too. It’s a subject that is textbooks long, but the easiest way to make it happen is to enjoy a big cup of this stew.

Cincinnati Chili! –  We don’t typically enter the red meat realm, but then we found these guys and their grassfed, free-range, local Bison, which boasts impressive Omega3 stats. What’s more, we will be adding the concept of vegetables to the mix, and serving this over quinoa spaghetti. This is some high quality chili!!!! Vegans have no fear, I have a special recipe for you, it is bean and nut based, offering a similar texture to traditional Cincy chili. (Choose Vegan or Bison, and Cheese or No Cheese)

Mini Paleo Pizzas – 4 mini pizzas, on top of our flavorful Paleo crust! Knowing us, you can count on the pizzas having vegetables on them, and knowing you, it’s appreciated. This time we’re going with our signature, nutrient amped red sauce on all of the pizzas, with two being broccoli-red onion, and the other two being  roasted red pepper and spinach. Both topped with Cabot’s, naturally lactose-free cheese.

Veggie Table Stir Fry (Low carb version) –  Every color of the rainbow is represented here, and as I  mentioned previously, each color boasts unique nutritional values and phyto-nutrients. We shred and specially season broccoli for the “rice”, and place it on the side of a wonderful array of freshly chopped, organic veggies, and a stir fry sauce with low-sodium, gluten-free tamari,  sesame oil, seasonings and a dash of stevia, rather than loads of sugar, MSG, and starches found in many restaurant stir-frys. All you need to do is Stir Fry it all briefly. (Choose Veggie or Amish Chicken)


Breakfast Pack -$18


Breakfast Bake – It’s essentially one big frittata in a tin. We’ll fill one of our breakfast tins with our vitamin D enriched portobello mushrooms, spinach, red peppers, and top it with tomatoes and Cabot’s cheese. We’ll par bake it to set it, you pop it in the oven for a quick, hassle-free, nutrient amped breakfast.

Veggie Omelet, Made Easy – We’ll assemble it, you bring it to life. This week’s menu features sauteed and vitamin D enriched mushrooms and broccoli.

Pumpkin Pancakes with Honey Butter – 100% grain-free pancakes made with real, organic pumpkin, coconut flour, eggs, spices, and vanilla, and served with a side of locally produced butter whipped up with a bit of stevia, dash of pink Himalayan sea salt, and local (Hamilton, Ohio) unpasteurized honey.


Kids Chicken Nuggets with Cheesy Baked Mac– Our unbeatable Amish chicken nuggets, house made from ground Amish chiocken breast (Gerber Farms, Kidron, Ohio), a dash of oat flour, nutritional yeast, and gluten free bread crumbs, with a side of quinoa macaroni in lactose free cheese sauce. $10

Roasted Turkey Lunch Box Kabobs – Everything you need to make one heck of a turkey sandwich, except it goes on a kabob instead of bread. We season and roast the free range Amish turkey (Busch’s Country Corner, Findlay Mkt.) and cut it into medallions to join cucumbers, Cabot’s naturally lactose free super sharp white cheddar cheese, and tomatoes, all on 2 kabobs, over a bed of greens and a side of chia mayo. To make sure they get their vitamins, we will include a portion of Spinach/Kale chips (30% Vitamin A, 110% Vitamin K per serving). $10


-Fresh Juice-

Kale Lemonade (Fresh Juice) This one consistently outsells the rest, so it stays! Kale, lemons, apples, cucumber, and ginger work together quite well to make a supremely rejuvenating pick-me-up beverage. We serve them in quarts, which means you will be receiving 4 whole bunches of kale, 4 lemons, 4 apples, 2 cucumbers, as well as the digestion stimulating ginger, in an almost too-easy-to-chug juice (Easy now… it’s a full 4 servings). Vitamins and minerals galore!! $15/qt.


-Guilt Free Sweets-

Healthy Klondike Bars (Dairy-free, Paleo) – We’re giving everyone another chance to try these. They are easily the tastiest frozen treat we’ve made. A dairy-free version of the popular chocolate-covered ice cream bars! (Contains cashews) $5 per bar



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