Groundbreaking News on Migraines

Warning, this post is rather “flow of consciousness”. 🙂

I was a bit surprised today to hear a report about migraines, and headaches in general, which proposed that perhaps lifestyle and diet would be good things to try before medications or procedures.


But I’m the nutrition guy, so why was I caught off-guard by this? Well, while it is common for us Westerners to detach diet and lifestyle from disease, I’m concerned by the fact that it has gotten to the point where common ailments like headaches justified medical intervention FIRST without bothering to take a step back and look at basic stuff like diet, exercise, feeling of well-being, etc. We shouldn’t need a news flash about this.


The article recounts the experiences of one particular woman with chronic migraines, with other statistics sprinkled about. I know all of you are interested enough in staying healthy that this is not news to you. Still, it’s an interesting story and a powerful reminder that the foundation of freedom from illness is built everyday, by all of those small decisions we make.


We know that we get a billion mulligans and that our bodies are astoundingly resilient. Everyone’s resiliency is different, however, so while a friend’s grandpa may have smoked his entire life and lived to 96, others may not fare so well. There is less reason to fear cancer, or any other non-communicable disease, if you are doing everything you can do with reasonable cost and effort.


I’m only a lowly undergrad, mind you, but I am thus far convinced that there is a predictable reason for every condition. One day, we’ll be able to control most every condition. The good news is, you can already completely prevent and control our nations biggest killers by simply minding how you treat your body. If you do nothing else, just try to eat as many vegetables as possible everyday. 7 is the goal. Oh, and sugar… ahh forget it, that’s a topic of it’s own. Suffice it to say, it comes with a price to pay.


It was alarming back before HealthSavor, knowing how I should be eating, but living a stone’s throw away from 23 restaurants (mostly fast food) that I wouldn’t eat at. I got tired of sweating over it in my mind everyday, and after working all day in kitchens, the last thing I wanted to do when I got off work was shop, chop, dice, mince, puree, sautee, and wash dishes. So I started HealthSavor. Now, I do it ALL THE TIME, mwah ha ha. But, it’s also my job, so still winning.


I’ve struggled to find healthier food anywhere in the nation. If you find some, let me know, so I can contact them and give them the highest of virtual fives.


I want to teach anyone who is interested how to prepare meals like we do. Stay tuned for cooking classes and demos.


Thanks for reading my very flow-of-consciousness newsletter 🙂

-Chef B


About Chef Braedon

bkaleNutritionist-Chef Braedon Firebrand is the creator of Temptology, an elite-yet-accessible general health, sports nutrition, disease prevention meal-prep program focused around delicious recipes he creates for his celebrity clients. Braedon was also founder and co-owner of HealthSavor, a Cincinnati Ohio based healthy, organic, gluten-free meal delivery service, created to help busy families, individuals and children eat nutritious meals easily and affordably (2010-2017). Chef Braedon focuses on helping his customers lose weight, optimize performance on field or in gym, lower their blood sugar/blood pressure, control chronic conditions and feels very honored to have earned the trust of many doctors, students, parents, actors, musician, athletes, and on-the-go businessmen and women all over the country. Chef B also enjoys hanging out with his daughter, fiance, and rescue dogs, as well as playing music, strength training, and continuing his education in nutrition.

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