Nutritional Analysis

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HealthSavor is far ahead of the curve when it comes to showing you the nutrition facts about your food. Every recipe is run through the most comprehensive analysis in the world before it is finalized. If anything is too high, or if there is room to add the right veggie to balance out the vitamin profile, we’ll add it. For example, our Thai Lemongrass Soup was always a favorite, but we noticed, after an analysis, that it had virtually no vitamin A, so we now add kale to this soup. That’s how we do it.

HealthSavor has a goal of educating everyone as well by adding a fact at the bottom of each analysis for each dish regarding nutrition and physiology. Take a look at one of our nutritional analyses and then realize that every single one of the items on the list provide a specific function to our physiology. A lack of some, or over-abundance of others, all completely dependent on the individual and their lifestyle, can heal, prevent, or lead to disease/malfunction.