Food Is Medicine

Nutritionist/Chef Firebrand knows healthy food promotes a healthy lifestyle – food is medicine! He believes strongly (and science backs him up) that eating healthy food also keeps your BODY and MIND healthy. He can teach you to prepare dishes that help maintain optimum weight, support your immune system, control blood sugar, lower blood pressure, give you energy and most importantly, keep you feeling your best. Every recipe undergoes comprehensive nutritional analysis, such as these examples.

Eating this way not only extends your life, but adds quality to those years as well. Temptology was designed to help you feel good, look good, perform better, and avoid suffering needlessly in your elder years, all while enjoying dishes that taste more like soul food than health food.

For VIP HealthSavor Delivery clients, the ingredients are fresh, organic (all fruits and vegetables are certified, and pantry items organic when possible, and never with any additives, preservatives, colorings, or anything remotely questionable), always gluten-free, NON-GMO, and comprised of items that you can pronounce. No harmful chemicals!

If you have any questions about his recipes and what goes into them, don’t hesitate to contact him!