Food IS Medicine – Cancer Support Community Presentation



When someone tells you about some food that cures this or helps that, do you believe them? How do any of us know what is embellished and what is legitimate?


That’s what Nutrition Science is for. Say you heard or read somewhere that the yellow spice Turmeric is “anti-cancer”. This is a bold claim. Wouldn’t you want to see the proof, or at least some kind of evidence?


Back in 2013, I did a cooking demonstration/presentation to the Cancer Support Community. I used “anti-cancer” or “immune boosting” ingredients, and then did a power point on the SPECIFICS of how food is medicine. No catch phrases or vague references. Facts. Tangible evidence… and a whole lot of it, at that.


If you’d like to see some specifics on cancer fighting foods and general guidelines, check out the slides from my presentation here. Food IS Medicine(1)<—– PowerPoint slides.  I did video tape the presentation, because the slides are only a fraction of what was covered, but the audio was rendered useless when the AC kicked in. ::facepalm::


I still think you’ll enjoy it, and perhaps even be blown away (as I continue to be) at the millions of ways foods affect us on the cellular level. Luckily, all of these tiny details can be covered by making smart choices in your diet.

About Chef Braedon

bkaleNutritionist-Chef Braedon Firebrand is the creator of Temptology, an elite-yet-accessible general health, sports nutrition, disease prevention meal-prep program focused around delicious recipes he creates for his celebrity clients. Braedon was also founder and co-owner of HealthSavor, a Cincinnati Ohio based healthy, organic, gluten-free meal delivery service, created to help busy families, individuals and children eat nutritious meals easily and affordably (2010-2017). Chef Braedon focuses on helping his customers lose weight, optimize performance on field or in gym, lower their blood sugar/blood pressure, control chronic conditions and feels very honored to have earned the trust of many doctors, students, parents, actors, musician, athletes, and on-the-go businessmen and women all over the country. Chef B also enjoys hanging out with his daughter, fiance, and rescue dogs, as well as playing music, strength training, and continuing his education in nutrition.

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