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Designing Sustenance (Part 2): B-Vitamins

  One of my goals of presenting my weekly series of preferred sources of vitamins is to give a thorough explanation of why I use the ingredients I use, and to hopefully influence your grocery list at home. You can find articles all over the place on

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Designing Sustenance: Why I use what I use. (Part 1: Vitamin A)

Designing Sustenance      In these modern times full of supplements, the term “Multi-Vitamin” usually conjures up a mental image of a pill or powdered drink. If you don’t take some of them with food they will make you nauseated, or they turn your urine a funny color

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Organic: Does It Matter?

Organic: Does it matter? We’ve all heard of organic foods by now. Supermarkets everywhere now have a special spot dedicated to organic produce, and a little “nature’s market” for other goods. It wouldn’t be there if the demand didn’t exist, but a lot of people don’t really

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Fat is Good! & Fad Diets

6/17/2014 – What to eat. A quick reference guide on what nutrition science research has to say about fad diets and the latest news that Fat is Good! With the latest Time Magazine issue telling us to Eat Butter, it is easy to feel as if we’ve

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Mind-Body Interface: Omega 3 Fatty Acids on Mood and Immunity

6/10/2014 – Brandon Schlunt Everglades University The connection between mind and body is not like a set of wires plugged into specific sockets, it’s in every cell. Our emotions influence neuropeptides, our perception of events effects our hormones, our immune system produces and receives all of the

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Why Go Gluten Free?

Gluten is a primary protein found in many grains. With increased consumption of highly refined wheat flour over the last 50 years, many individuals have found they are gluten-sensitive. LEARN MORE

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