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Butternut Squash – Worth The Trouble?

Braedon Firebrand

Hearty. Healthy. Delicious. Heavy. Tough. Thick. Pain-In-The-Ass!   So, why do I use it in so many Temptology/HealthSavor recipes? I’ve got one weird word for ya, Beta-Cryptoxanthin.     Aren’t sweet potatoes just as healthy?   No. I mean, you’ll never see me scolding anyone for eating

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My Journey In Nutrition and Medicine

Seeing through the fog…   My interest in medicine and nutrition is rooted in the contradiction between what I feel we are capable of, and what we have today. From my observations, we already have the tools, knowledge, therapies, and substances necessary to see drastic decreases in

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Together, We Will Nourish The Needy

EVERYBODY WINS with our new “Nourish the Needy” program. For EVERY order placed, we set aside 1 credit. Each credit = one hot meal served directly to a homeless brother or sister in the Greater Cincinnati area. We are proud to be working with Project Kindness and Soup

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Groundbreaking News on Migraines

Warning, this post is rather “flow of consciousness”. 🙂 I was a bit surprised today to hear a report about migraines, and headaches in general, which proposed that perhaps lifestyle and diet would be good things to try before medications or procedures.   But I’m the nutrition

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Gut Pathology pt 2

I know enough people with either clinical diagnoses of Celiac or Chron’s disease, or who have reactions to gluten that I designed HealthSavor to be 100% gluten-free, always. We get along just fine without it, and everyone gets to enjoy our meals knowing that no gluten ever

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Gut Pathology – pt 1

Do you feel like this sometimes? Play detective and heal that gut! Health is sustained by a state of balance among countless strands of a web of genetic, physiologic, psychological, developmental, dietary and environmental factors. When something goes wrong, it makes sense to pay attention to all

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