Butternut Squash – Worth The Trouble?

Hearty. Healthy. Delicious. Heavy. Tough. Thick. Pain-In-The-Ass!


So, why do I use it in so many Temptology/HealthSavor recipes?

I’ve got one weird word for ya, Beta-Cryptoxanthin.



Aren’t sweet potatoes just as healthy?


No. I mean, you’ll never see me scolding anyone for eating a sweet potato. It’s a healthy, complex carbohydrate with plenty of vitamin A just like butternut squash is, but sweet potatoes are all beta-carotene (and a little alpha-carotene) which are only a small spread of Vitamin A carotenoids.

Beta-carotene is great and all, but you have no idea what you’re missing if you skip the butternut squash just because it is intimidating to prep. A loan on convenience that could cost you your joint mobility as you age.

For my beta-testers, and anyone else who comes across this, I present to you, fresh off-the-press, an excerpt from my upcoming “Temptology 101: Practical Applications of Functional Nutrition and Meal Prep” masterclass…

Butternut Squash – Beta Cryptoxanthin

Butternut squash, beta-cryptoxanthin

Don’t worry, I make it informative AND fun. It will make all of the peeling and two-handed knife cuts feel worth it. Please read.



But… can’t I just cut it in half and bake it?


Yes you can, but you won’t be impressed enough with the taste and texture to find it tempting. Just like a sweet potato, baking squash will make it, well, squashy. Mushy. Pumpkin-y. This might not bother some, but for many, it’s a deal breaker.

Not only does butternut squash boast an impressive spread of Vitamin A carotenoids and other vitamins/minerals, but it can also be the best tasting of the starchy vegetables WHEN COOKED THE RIGHT WAY.

Temptology Meal Plans ALWAYS come with a detailed, step-by-step prep list that shows you the absolute tastiest way to prepare ingredients while retaining nutrition. Healthy food needs to be better than tolerable, it needs to be downright TEMPTING if we expect people to adopt it as a second-nature lifestyle.

That being said, you might not be so picky and need to save time, so my meal plans also include faster or easier versions of key prep items like butternut squash in case time is more important than perfect flavor.



About Chef Braedon

Nutritionist-Chef Braedon FirebrandBraedon Firebrand is the creator of Temptology, an advanced-yet-accessible general health, sports nutrition, disease prevention meal-prep program focused around delicious recipes he creates for his celebrity clients. Braedon was also founder and co-owner of HealthSavor, a Cincinnati Ohio based healthy, organic, gluten-free meal delivery service, created to help busy families, individuals and children eat nutritious meals easily and affordably (2010-2017). Chef Braedon focuses on helping his customers lose weight, optimize performance on field or in gym, lower their blood sugar/blood pressure, control chronic conditions and feels very honored to have earned the trust of many doctors, students, parents, actors, musician, athletes, and on-the-go businessmen and women all over the country. Chef B also enjoys hanging out with his daughter, fiance, and rescue dogs, as well as playing music, strength training, and continuing his education in nutrition.

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