Big Announcement – Big Thanks


We always want to make sure we’re bringing you the most nutritious food in the most efficient way possible – for you and for us.


While we’ve been doing all of the heavy lifting (and chopping, and stirring, and baking…) ourselves, we’ve officially outgrown our equipment, facilities, and processes and it is time for us to rise to the challenge and take one giant leap toward achieving our mission… to get the healthiest food to as many people as possible.


So, we wanted to let you know that HealthSavor is taking a brief 2-month hiatus in order to re-tool and scale-up. We’re also planning to refresh our business model so that we can better serve our growing list of customers.


HealthSavor is actively looking for investment from people and organizations that believe in our mission, and want to support — and reap the benefits of — our work to deliver healthy meals to the greater Cincinnati community.


What does this mean for you?


The 6/29 Delivery is your last chance to stock up on the healthiest prepared meals in the region until Fall, so grab a few extra meals for your freezer (that’s what we’re doing, too).


We’ll still be feeding your brain with Chef Brandon’s nutritional and healthy living emails/blog posts — although a bit less frequently during this time.Brandon will be available for consult on any cooking, nutrition, or health related question or concerns you may have. Simply use our contact form or email us if you are interested.


In the meantime, get those veggies in and stay hydrated, friends!


Thank you from Brandon, Kara, and the whole HealthSavor family, for your support, patience, and understanding.


Have a great summer, and we’ll see you in September!