What I Do

I prepare and deliver delicious food, created under comprehensive nutritional scrutiny, to travelling actors, musicians, and athletes working in the Greater Cincinnati area.

NOT FAMOUS? Let me show you my ways . . . With my Temptology Nutrition and Meal-Prep Program, I aim to make the same meals I create for famous people more accessible to our community.

Time, skills, knowledge, equipment, and a good grocery store, are all needed to truly adhere to that often elusive healthy diet. Thanks to Temptology, it’s more accessible than ever. Temptology takes care of your calorie customized recipes, shopping/prep list, and teaches you the nutrition science and cooking skill foundations that can keep you and your family free of suffering from diseases like diabetes, heart disease, chronic obesity, and hypertension for a lifetime.

Are you willing to step up and learn to become self reliant? You are the only one who is truly concerned about your health, not restaurants or food manufacturers in it for profit. Even some of the healthier restaurants that feature vegetables often use so much sugar or salt in their recipes that you can feel it afterwards. All you need to do is be willing to set aside a few hours a week and show up to your own kitchen.

I’m on a mission to show the world that food can taste awesome AND have only good-for-you things in it, without hiding behind too much sugar and salt. Temptology recipes do use SOME sea salt, but at levels typically between 10% to 25% daily value, and balanced by potassium, rather than 60%, 80%, even 95%+  sodium at some restaurants.

Temptology is here to take away the calorie counting and guesswork that keep you from eating well. Make your own mindfully prepared delicious meals and prepare your fridge for the week with chilled, ready to heat and serve goodness that puts your old routine to shame.

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I look forward to teaching you how to make delicious, healthy food a basic skill in your home. !