What We Do

UPDATE: HealthSavor Has Ended Their Meal Service. LEARN MORE

Our service aims to make eating delicious food, prepared under comprehensive nutritional supervision, more accessible to our community.

Time, skills, equipment, and a good grocery store, are all needed to truly adhere to that often elusive healthy diet. It’s not easy out there, either. Even some of the healthier restaurants that feature vegetables often use so much sugar or salt in their recipes that you can feel it afterwards.

We decided, why not show the world that food can taste awesome AND have only good-for-you things in it, without hiding behind sugar and salt. (We do use SOME sea salt, but at levels typically between 10% to 25% daily value, rather than 60%, 80%, even 95% and above at some restaurants.

So we’re here to take away the hassles that keep you from eating well. We do all the work and bring mindfully prepared delicious meals to your door, chilled, ready to heat and serve.

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We deliver your meals every Tuesday, between noon and 7pm.

The menu starts with our prepared meals of all kinds, with a minimum order of $50, plus delivery. Our meals exclusively feature gluten-free, organic, free-range/wild caught (upcharges for meat), sustainably produced foods. The dishes are available in several sizes or calorie counts.  They range from “lunch” sized portion around 300-350 calories, or dinner for two between 750 and 1200 calories, depending on your options chosen.

Each week, in addition to your delivery, you’ll receive heating instructions.

We look forward to making delicious, healthy food convenient to you!