You know what makes me happy?

Helping you bust past your expectations.

Watching your transformation.

Breathing new life into your, well, life!

Have you been looking for an easy way to NAIL your calories without being married to a scale or calculator?


I’m assuming you feel some kind of way about healthy food:


Does it seem like it’s always boring or gross and leaves you hungry?


Maybe you’re interested but overloaded with conflicting information.


Perhaps you enjoy eating healthy, but feel intimidated by the cooking part.


Maybe you’d rather not even be here, but you’ve just been told by your doctor that you need to make changes NOW and need help.


How can you eat healthy without adopting the diet of a rabbit?



Some of the greatest chefs don’t know much about nutrition

. . . and most doctors simply lack the resources

 or can’t educate their patients how on to prepare the foods they recommend.




Many nutrition science PhD’s don’t know how to prepare the ingredients they spend their lives studying.

I know this because I sit with them at ASN conferences.






This crucial intersection is one of the missing links in healthcare, and it’s my life’s work.